Voice and Video Chat

We will be honoured to have you associated through a brand which probably will change the meaning of Chat. With a reliable program and a system which we will put into effect so We highly have our self confidence reserved. When you set your step in chat rooms, the visualiation of the rooms will attract your interest immediately. We call these channels “magical rooms”. When you get to hit on camera icon all of people in the channel will get to see and hear you. Sound and visual qualities are irresistable and they are quite fast and flawless. When a user clicks the camera icon next to your nick he or she starts to see you. With a lot of beautiful smileys and with a utilized handwriting feature like msn you can make your communication coloured. You can channelize “Youtube” videos and a wide range ofdifferent videos in your room . You can send mutual pictures, sounds and predestined variable messages in your room.

Also you can specialize your channel with background and skin options. The most entertaning feauture which youprobably like most will be the “giving away gifts” feature. You can send gifts to your friends and they will earn credits as a result of the gift you have just sent. You don’t need to pay money for all and they are non-charged feautures. You can upload avatars from your computer or you can use the predestined ones for the nick you have created on the server. Apart from these, there is a surprise! You can create Fan rooms for your friends to meet and get together. Also you will have your own internet adress. You can make advertisement of the adress you are affiliated through social websites like Facebook,Twitter ve Msn. Why are you still holding on? It’s time to Video chat.

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